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What makes Rosin so expensive?

The short answer to why rosin is so expensive is how it is made. The long answer comes down to the very start of the process. The higher quality rosin is made out of higher quality plants. These plants have to be higher quality because the plant is the only ingredient. Flash frozen flower is placed, by hand, between two hot plates, and then squeezed to produce the oil we call rosin. There are no solvents like ethanol or alcohol which are common solvents used in distillates and live resin. When solvents are used they mix into the product being extracted and although you can filter a majority of it out, you can’t filter all of it. Many health conscious cannabis connoisseurs have found themselves drifting towards rosin as their favorite oil/concentrate to use because of its ‘clean ingredients’

Cold press rosins are made with the same process minus the heat. Flash frozen flower is placed by hand between two plates and then squeezed to produce oil. Those looking for the most terpenes out of their rosin should consider cold press since terpenes can begin to burn off at temperatures as low as 70°F.

Rosin is so expensive because of its by hand process that takes the best of the best flower and presses it to make the best of the best concentrate to provide the best of the best highs. If you aren’t getting enough of the effect you’re looking for on the concentrates you’re already smoking try looking for a Live rosin cart next time you’re in store and experience the difference.

For more information you can check out this article on Leafly.

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