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Western Oregon Dispensary in Hillsboro is giving back to Industry workers.

The Details

Starting June 1st 2022 Western Oregon Dispensary - Hillsboro is an Industry Discount store!

Western Oregon Dispensary has had an amazing opportunity to work with some of the best people in the industry. The hard work and dedication of these amazing people allow us to be able to bring in all cannabis industry workers in on the benefits! Our amazing staff has worked hard to make available a 40% discount to all who work in the cannabis industry. If you have an OLCC Marijuana Permit please bring it in to reap the rewards.

40% off all regularly priced hemp and marijuana products.

Must have an Industry card in hand.

No accessories or glass apply.

Sale Items do not apply.

Discounts do not stack, only one discount per item.

Sign up on blackbird to learn of other sales, discounts, and events that are going on at Western Oregon Dispensary locations. Click the Join now button below.

TLDR Version Western Oregon Dispensary Hillsboro Location Only will be offering a 40% discount to all OLCC Marijuana Permit holders. Come in with your Industry card to gain your discount.

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