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Experience the Western Oregon Dispensary difference!

Our commitment to quality begins with the sourcing of our flower. We look for quality indoor grown flower and try to partner with the most trusted growers in the region who use sustainable, organic, and pesticide-free growing practices. We believe that the best products come from the best sources, and that is why we work with reputable growers. We store our products in ideal conditions to preserve their potency, flavor, and aroma.

At Western Oregon Dispensary, we understand that quality shouldn't come at a premium price. That is why we are committed to offering our premium-quality flower at a comparable price as our competitors. We believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality cannabis products, and we are proud to be able to offer it at a competitive price.

Our superior quality flower offers a range of benefits, from a potent high to a delightful aroma and flavor profile. Our customers trust us to provide them with the best products, and we take that trust seriously. We are dedicated to continuing to offer only the highest quality products.

Visit our store today and experience the difference for yourself

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