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Cannabis Plant Care

Its clone season, and we're not talkin about the troopers, we're talkin about the plant. It has been said that if you can grow tomatoes you can grow your own cannabis plants. So why not give your green thumb a try on some of the nicest Tissue culture clones available.

Tissue Culture clones are back in. What makes Tissue Culture clones better than regular clones? The similarity they hold to the parent clone. They're cuttings of the same plant so there is very little genetic variation from one clone to the next. For a quick rundown you can watch this video for the basics of care. (No sponsorship with this products they're using, we just found great information from this video) How to Grow Video

Equipment that you may want for an indoor grow you'll want a growbag or pot large enough to hold your plant at the height you want it to be. A grow tent, fan, air flow in and out of the tent, a grow light that you can control how much light the plant is getting.

Once you pick up your clone from us you'll know that it is in the vegetative state. It will stay in the vegetative state as long as it gets more than 12 hours a day of light. Most growers will provide 16 to 24 hours of light because cannabis plants don't need a night cycle during the vegetative state. When it is about half the size you're looking for you'll want to change it to 12 hours of light per day which will trigger the flower stage. The flowering stage will cause a burst of growth where it will double in size. When your plant begins flowering you'll want to switch fertilizer to something high with phosphorous. known as either a bloom of flower fertilizer it is used to promote the growth of fruits, flowers and in our case better buds.

As flowers begin to appear, they'll cluster together to form colas, as they form they'll form the trichomes which is where the bulk of the cannabinoids come from. Trichomes start to become cloudy and is a sign that the plant is ready to be harvested. during this time the plant is also at its most fragrant.

Microscopic look at cannabis by @tardibabe on Instagram.

Even more details about Cannabis and growing indoors from this video here.

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