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Breakdown on Vape carts

Vaping is a convenient and low profile way to consume cannabis when you need it. Whether you’re looking to use CBD, THC or a blend of cannabinoids you’re going to be able to find something that fits your needs.

Vape cartridges can come in all-in-one varieties with the batteries attached or more commonly you’ll find the cartridges by themselves in full gram or half gram sizes. The cartridges themselves can have different shapes and sizes to fit proprietary builds or you can find your typical 510 thread that screws onto the battery. Once you figure out the system you’re wanting to use, finding out the type of oil for your needs is key. New science is coming out every single day about the medicinal effects of cannabis and we’re learning more each day. That being said, a lot of cannabis intake can be subjective to the person using it. [Example: Limonene (a terpene) can have an uplifting and energetic effect, however for some it can cause anxiety]

The type of oil can have an effect on your high as well. The types of oil you’ll find are Distillates, Live Resins, Live Rosins, Full-Spectrum Extracts, and CBD oil. Distillates will typically be the cheaper of the group because of the process in which they’re made, while Live Rosins will be on the higher scale of price tags because it is handmade and considered the healthiest way to intake cannabis extracts.

(Distilates - like "Sunni-D") Distillates use an extraction process that can single out a specific cannabinoid. This method distillates can often show the highest numbers of THC or CBD, however, it also strips out the cannabinoids that provide the flavor and the terpenes that contribute to effect which will drastically impact the flavor. Companies that make distillate carts will compensate for this by infusing back terpenes to improve the taste and viscosity of the product.

(Live Resins - Orange juice/ OJ from concentrate)

Live resins are amongst the most popular in our cartridges because they provide the higher numbers while still retaining the natural flavor via the

terpenes. Live resin is made by flash freezing the plant to preserve the freshness, terpenes, and cannabinoids which they can then extract in a chemical process.

Cured resin is very similar to Live resin except the flower has been dried instead of flash frozen before being chemically extracted.

(Live rosin - Freshly squeezed OJ) The live in the name stands for the use of a live plant. Rosin is made without chemical solvents, Instead the fresh frozen plants are pressed between to heat plates to extract the concentrated oil. Due to there being no solvents used in the product it is considered to be the best choice for health-conscious cannabis consumers.


For those out there who do not want pure THC in their cartridges they do have ratios available. Carts that is equal parts THC and CBD are referred to as 1:1. Carts that lean one way or the other will have the larger number first so be sure to check and be sure that 2:1 is the right ratio you’re looking for, THC heavy or CBD heavy. Kundalini brand has a pure CBD cartridge which has been a popular choice for those looking to manage and control anxiety without having THC.

Ultimately the cart you pick will be dependent on your usage and how the plant interacts with you specifically. If you’re struggling to find something that works, talk with one of our knowledgeable budtenders about the options we have available. For more information check out this article on Leafly.

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