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Americans favor Joints over Cigs

In a recent study done by the CDC 57% of American adults would support a policy prohibiting the sale of all tobacco products. Where another study done by Pew Research 59% of American adults believe marijuana should be legal for both medical and recreational use, an additional 30% believed it should be legalized for medical use alone, and only 10% of Americans believe marijuana should not be legal at all. Many believe that completely banning tobacco isn't the answer, since marijuana has slowly been working to over turn its own ban, and the past experience we had with the abolition of alcohol the more logical course of action is to continue to put restrictions on tobacco companies to continue to make their product safer and less harmful to the individuals using the product. Much like how we have the OLCC in Oregon to over see Cannabis and the products containing it are safe for consumption we should have a similar board working to regulate tobacco into a safer, less addictive, and less deadly form. For more information check out the original article from THE HILL.

Continue to make a difference by voting and supporting your local representatives!

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