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A Brief Overview of Oregon's Progress

Over the past six months, the state of Oregon has been at the forefront of marijuana and cannabis legislation. From drug decriminalization to the legalization of psychedelics, Oregon has been making significant strides in reforming its drug policies.

In the very beginning of this year, Oregon House Republicans unveiled their 2023 agenda, which included plans to "reform" the state's voter-approved drug decriminalization law. This sparked discussions and debates surrounding the implementation and effectiveness of the law.

The following day, the secretary of state's office published an audit on the implementation of the drug decriminalization law. This audit shed light on the challenges and successes of the law's execution, providing valuable insights for future improvements.

Despite the bright outlook, Oregon faced challenges within its regulatory agencies, as Gov. Tina Kotek asked for the resignation of the state's top cannabis regulator OLCC Director Steven Marks to step down amid allegations of abuse of power. Tina Kotek called on others to resign as well as they had “...taken advantage of their access and authority to benefit themselves.” Multiple OLCC employees were found to be reserving popular bottles of bourbon for themselves. A bourbon that sells for $5600 per bottle in stores that can get their hands on it reliably.

While dealing with the internal reorganization of the OLCC for its liquor debacle, it was found that the secretary of state’s office had a possible conflict of interest while writing the audit and providing language for the OLCCs regulatory authority over cannabis businesses, and the language in the state’s preparation for federal legalization. This conflict of interest was found when it was discovered that the secretary of state’s (Shemia Fagan’s) privately owned business was consulting with a marijuana business owner (La Mota’s Rosa Cazares). It was later discovered during an investigation that they were allowed to edit the language describing the scope of a state audit about cannabis issues. As of June 6th there is a federal investigation into the former secretary of state’s cannabis industry affiliations in relation to her regulatory work. Continued supervision of the organizations that provide the oversight of others is critical to holding the organization accountable for such extreme abuses of power. No personal business should have the ability to edit the language of the law to avoid personal repercussions for the failure to uphold their word, their financial responsibilities, and their public responsibilities. Nor should they be allowed to abuse their positions of privilege to demean the market that they serve.

Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley voiced their intentions to introduce legislation on CBD regulation and cannabis banking, respectively. These legislative efforts reflect the growing recognition of the need for comprehensive regulations and support for the cannabis industry. The Senators continue to bring their enthusiasm to the table when discussing the cannabis industry and the better treatment that it deserves from our own state, and the federal government.

The board of trustees of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation voted to legalize marijuana on the reservation. Opening up the reservation's ability to join the cannabis economy and market!

Oregon is showcasing it’s commitment to exploring alternative therapies and expanding access to potential treatments by taking significant steps in the field of psychedelic therapy, with regulators approving psilocybin services worker permits and the graduation of the state's first psilocybin services facilitators.

Oregon has been having the tough discussions on drug decriminalization reform, OLCC regulatory accountability, & the legalization of psychedelics, paving the way for progressive drug policies. While challenges and controversies have arisen, the progress made demonstrates a commitment to creating a well-regulated industry that prioritizes public health and safety. As Oregon continues to navigate the ever evolving landscape of marijuana and cannabis legislation, it serves as an example for other states and countries considering similar reforms.

References and further reading available for the Former Secretary of state & La Mota’s existing trouble.

Kotek demands mass resignations in OLCC

The Power Couple of Oregon Cannabis Bankrolled Top Democrats Even as Their Companies' Taxes and Bills Went Unpaid: A WW Investigation finds trouble at La Mota, the second-largest cannabis dispensary chain in Oregon

Acting Secretary of Sate Says Staff Repeatedly told Fagan to Cancel La Mota Contract: "Our Advise was ignored" "The secretary had predetermined she would take the contract from the moment she brought the issue to our attention." - The newsletter has been crucial in being able to make relevant information available to everyone. Check them out if you want to be ahead of the game in Cannabis content.

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