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4/20 SALE!

Updated: Apr 19

All Western Oregon Dispensary locations will have the following items on sale. Each location will also have small specials specific to that location to be sure to check out the store near you to see what deals they have.

LAST MINUTE ADDITION!! WYLD WILL BE 50% OFF!!! On 4/20 we will have 7g of Sugarbud flower going for $35. With your purchase 7g you will receieve a 5 dollar gift card and your choice of a 2pc metal grinder, a glass rolling tray, or for our dab friends out there, a dab tool with a carb cap. All Glass will be 25% off! Check out the beautiful art pieces we have that could be yours! On top of our flower deals, Happy Cabbage has extended their sale to start on 4/20. All Happy Cabbage products are 30% off throughout the weekend. We will also continue to have our 4 for $10 PreRoll deals with select flower rolled by our caring staff. We look forward to seeing you at any of our WOD locations for this Most Blazed of holidays.

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