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Our Sherwood, Oregon dispensary has transitioned from a medical marijuana location to a recreational dispensary! We've been providing medicinal marijuana products at this location for five years and spent the last year operating as the only medical cannabis dispensary in the state. While we'll still strongly cater to the medical marijuana audience at this location, we're thrilled to also be able to meet the needs of local recreational clients.

Read more about the multi-year battle it took to transition to a recreational dispo at this location, and what's next for Western Oregon Dispensary in The Sherwood Gazette.

The Sherwood Western Oregon Dispensary location and hours are:

15025 SW Tualatin-Sherwood Road, Sherwood, Oregon . 503-610-1380 . Sun-Thu 9:30a-8p | Fri-Sat 9:30a-9p

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Researchers at the University of Lethbridge recently found at least 13 cannabis plants that, due to their high levels of CBD, appeared to affect the ACE2 pathways that the Corona virus uses to access the body.

The results of the study were printed in online journal Preprints. The findings show that hemp extracts high in CBD might help block proteins that make it possible for COVID-19 to enter host cells. We'll certainly be keeping our eyes on this research - because...science!

If you'd like read more, check out the source article. If you're interested in exploring some of our medicinal CBD offerings, check out CBD Medicine for Life.

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Last year, Colorado set a new record for state cannabis sales with 1.75 billion dollar's worth. This came after there was some speculation that the cannabis market was saturated and plateauing. The sales gathered 304.2 million dollars in taxes for the state. In addition to the growing acceptance of cannabis in popular culture, another force in the growth of cannabis sales has been the growing selection of different product types, including concentrates, cartridges, infused drinks, and a vast array of edibles. If you haven't checked out what's new in awhile, come check out your local selection. More new products are being developed every day, and with California's recent legalization, the cannabis sales record will probably be surpassed again soon. If you'd like read more, check out the source article. Thanks for reading.

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