There is currently a legal bill in the early draft stage that could lead to the legalization of cannabis in Mexico. The bill is 228 pages long and features proposed regulations that would create a structure for legal cannabis in the country. Some of the highlights are that it would allow people 18 and up to both posses and grow cannabis for personal use. Individuals would be allowed cultivate up to 480 grams per year, from as many as 20 registered plants. While the limit for personal possession would be 28 grams, having up to 200 grams would be decriminalized. Unlike here in Oregon, the bill proposes that public consumption would be legal, with the exception of smoke-free areas. Maybe if Mexico passes the bill Oregon and other states will follow their lead on allowing public consumption. Read more from full source article here.

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A compound in cannabis has recently been found by scientists that may be 30 times more powerful than THC. It is called Tetrahydrocannabiphorol, or THCP for short. THCP works similarly to THC when smoked, bonding to cannabinoid receptors and influencing neuronal firing patterns. However, the bond it creates is 33 times stronger. There may be potential medical uses of THCP, and more research is needed. Click here to read the source article.

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