Opening a new store during a pandemic isn't for the faint of heart! We're thrilled to welcome the newest member to the Western Oregon Dispensary family, our Hillsboro, Oregon recreational marijuana dispensary is now open!

As with all Western Oregon Dispensary locations, our Hillsboro shop offers a full range of recreational and medical marijuana products and accessories, including: flower, oil, vape pens, edibles, RCO/RSO, topicals, and large shelves full of glass. Our flower selection includes strains from Western Oregon Botanicals as well as from other local growers, and we always carry at least one strain at just $5 a gram. Our hand rolled pre-rolls are a plentiful 1.3 grams. Veterans and customers aged 55 and over get 10% off every purchase, and medical patients get a free pre-roll on their first visit. Our budtenders are known for being exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable, and whether it's your first time going into a dispensary or you are a seasoned pro, our service and selection will make Western Oregon Dispensary feel like home.

The Hillsboro Western Oregon Dispensary location and hours are:

652 SW Baseline, Hillsboro, Oregon . 971-348-5127 . Sun-Thu 9:30a-8p | Fri-Sat 9:30a-9p

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If you're using marijuana for migraine relief, you aren't alone. A recent study by Healint gathered data from Migraine Buddy of nearly 10,000 migraine sufferers in the U.S. and Canada. The study concluded that 30 percent of migraine sufferers have used cannabis to address migraine pain - and of those, 82 percent found cannabis to be useful at reducing the migraine pain.

Effects of marijuana cannabinoids on migraines:

  • Promotes healthy sleep habits which can reduce migraine frequency

  • Anti-inflammatory and dopamine-blocking properties

  • Inhibits pain and vomiting receptors in the brain

  • Alleviates anxiety & stress

In addition to providing immediate migraine relief, the American Journal of Managed Care reports that cannabis use can also aid in long-term migraine relief by reducing the frequency of migraines. According to a study by Brain Sciences: medical cannabis (MC) use results in long-term reduction of migraine frequency and is associated with less disability and lower antimigraine medication intake, according to a study published in Brain Sciences. The data behind this theory is that consistent marijuana use aids in better, more restorative sleep patterns - thus reducing migraine onset.

Whether in a dropper, edibles, capsules, flower, oil cartridge, or other method - the most effective marijuana strains can be found in any form you're most comfortable with. This article from Marijuana Doctors is very helpful in explaining which strains are the best for migraines, so you can find the strain that sounds appealing to you.

If you're curious about when to take marijuana during a migraine and which delivery method is the most effective, this article from Leafly offers perspective from regular marijuana users/migraine sufferers on which methods have worked best for them.

When in doubt, reach out to your local dispensary with questions.

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Our Sherwood, Oregon dispensary has transitioned from a medical marijuana location to a recreational dispensary! We've been providing medicinal marijuana products at this location for five years and spent the last year operating as the only medical cannabis dispensary in the state. While we'll still strongly cater to the medical marijuana audience at this location, we're thrilled to also be able to meet the needs of local recreational clients.

Read more about the multi-year battle it took to transition to a recreational dispo at this location, and what's next for Western Oregon Dispensary in The Sherwood Gazette.

The Sherwood Western Oregon Dispensary location and hours are:

15025 SW Tualatin-Sherwood Road, Sherwood, Oregon . 503-610-1380 . Sun-Thu 9:30a-8p | Fri-Sat 9:30a-9p

View inside the Western Oregon Dispensary Sherwood, Oregon location
Sherwood Oregon Western Oregon Dispensary

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