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Covid Protocol

Our disinfecting and social distancing procedures for entering our dispensaries are:

 - We provide you use of our front door sanitizing wipes.

 - Staff will be using sanitizing wipes between each transaction. 

 - We have a sneeze guard up on the counters.

 - We are not allowing customers to touch or sniff the flower jars. We have fans to blow the smell towards you.

 - We are only allowing one customer per budtender onto the sales floor.

 - Please leave 6 feet between yourself and others while in the lobby.

 - Please show ID without handing it to the budtender.

We want to be in front of Covid-19 and do everything we can to make sure our customers have a clean and safe experience while they are making purchases.

Thank you for helping us keep our community healthy,

Western Oregon Dispensary

Prefer to stay in your car? Order online and we can bring it out to your car.  

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